My one-word resolution: Progress

For weeks now I've seen people writing about having one-word resolutions, choosing one word to summarize what they want out of the coming year.  That's great for them, I thought, but I can't roll everything I want from 2015 into one word. I need an entire uber list. Then, after seeing yet another one-word resolution … Continue reading My one-word resolution: Progress

Uber list for 2015

2014 was not a good year for uber list accomplishments. I only achieved 8 out of 20 goals, although I got partial credit for a few others. It wasn't that I didn't do anything in 2014. Some achievements like being in the cast of Listen to Your Mother were awesome but could not have been anticipated … Continue reading Uber list for 2015

Uber list for 2014

Instead of a single vague New Year's resolution ("Get healthy!" "Write more!" "Be more awesome!") I make an uber list of things I'd like to achieve in the coming year. My uber list usually contains some fairly easy to accomplish items and some more challenging projects, but the general rules for items appearing on my … Continue reading Uber list for 2014

Results from 2013 Uber List: Under achievement

Instead of doing a New Year's resolution, I make an uber list, a list of things big and small that I'd like to complete over the course of the year. My uber list for 2013 was a bit longer than usual because I was in the midst of my series of 40 item lists. I … Continue reading Results from 2013 Uber List: Under achievement

List 25: Uber List for 2013

An uber list is not just resolutions although some of the items may resemble New Years promises. An uber list is not a bucket list of outrageous thrills. An uber list is a mix of chores, goals and  fun activities most of which are quite common but that for the lister are often mentioned after … Continue reading List 25: Uber List for 2013