Belt Magazine

“Trick or Treat” by Kim Z. Dale. October 28, 2019. Link.

The Chicago Neighborhood Guidebook

Anthology includes “Edgewater Glen: Trick or Treat” by Kim Z. Dale.

Belt Publishing, 2019. Available here.

Kompetenztraining Oberstufe: Reading Fiction

Anthology includes “Licensed to Kill Time” by Kim Z. Dale.

Heibling, Innsbruck, 2018.

Global Visions, Programfaget Internasjonal Engelskdate

Anthology includes “Antisocial Media: Short Fiction Based on a True Story” by Kim Z. Dale.

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Humanities, Society and Technology: Living with Change

Anthology includes “3 Reasons I Will Not Ask for My Children’s Social Media Passwords” by Kim Z. Dale.

Kendall Hunt Publishing, 2015