“I Love It More Thank I Did: Prince, Crooked Fingers, and ‘When You Were Mine'” by Kim Z. Dale. January 19, 2022. Link.

97 Things Every Information Security Professional Should Know

Anthology includes “The Solid Impact of Soft Skills” by Kim Z. Dale. O’Reilly, 2021.

Available here.

Belt Magazine

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The Chicago Neighborhood Guidebook

Anthology includes “Edgewater Glen: Trick or Treat” by Kim Z. Dale.

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Kompetenztraining Oberstufe: Reading Fiction

Anthology includes “Licensed to Kill Time” by Kim Z. Dale.

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Global Visions, Programfaget Internasjonal Engelskdate

Anthology includes “Antisocial Media: Short Fiction Based on a True Story” by Kim Z. Dale.

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Humanities, Society and Technology: Living with Change

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