Results from 2013 Uber List: Under achievement

Instead of doing a New Year’s resolution, I make an uber list, a list of things big and small that I’d like to complete over the course of the year. My uber list for 2013 was a bit longer than usual because I was in the midst of my series of 40 item lists. I also had two unexpected “projects” That came up in 2013:

  • In February I was notified that my job was going to lose funding at the end of August. I found another position but not until the middle of August. That meant 5 or 6 months of resumes, cover letters, applications, and interviews that I did not anticipate when I made my goals for the year.
  • In May both my water heater and air conditioner broke and flooded much of the finished part of our basement. This resulted in 6 months of unplanned expense and hassle to repair and renovate the basement. It also really screwed up item 39 since the part of the basement that needed to be organized was the unfinished part, but everything from the area under repair had to be shoved in there Tetris style while the work was being done. I still haven’t dug out of the resulting chaos.

Both of the above items brought a lot of stress and unplanned time sucks. Both did, however, result in good outcomes: a better job and a renovated basement. Still, they impeded my progress on my other goals. Less than half the items on the list were fully completed.

  1. Go to the dentist.
  2. Visit Adler Planetarium.
  3. Get a pedicure.
  4. Make refrigerator oatmeal.
  5. Go to Lincoln Park Zoo at least 3 times.
  6. Use our Museum of Science and Industry membership at least 3 times.
  7. Let the kids play in Crown Fountain at least once.
  8. Visit Oz Park.
  9. Organize the linen closet. <- Several shelves done
  10. Make a babysitter reference guide (for all the basic info I have to write down every time we have a babysitter).
  11. Get my watch batteries replaced.
  12. Refill the first aid/emergency kits.
  13. See a show at a theatre I’ve never been to before.
  14. Make a binder of key family information. <- Started
  15. Get family photos taken before October.
  16. Organize/archive/purge kids’ artwork.
  17. Go berry picking.
  18. Take the Koval Distillery tour.
  19. Take the kids on the Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier.
  20. Use our Field Museum membership at least 3 times.
  21. Use our Shedd Aquarium membership at least 3 times.
  22. Go to the beach at least 2 times.
  23. Go to Christkindlmarket.
  24. Get 3 pairs of shoes repaired. <- 2 pairs done
  25. Repair or get rid of pants and skirts that need to be hemmed. <- One skirt gotten rid of
  26. Take the kids on a water taxi.
  27. Take the kids sledding.
  28. Try some molecular gastronomy techniques. 
  29. Use our WBEZ member card at least 4 times. <- Only 2 times
  30. Update my LinkedIn profile.
  31. Stop using the girl’s room/closet for storage. <- Room cleared. Closet still storage.
  32. Submit plays to at least 10 theatres or festivals. <- Submitted 8
  33. Lose 15 pounds. <- Not even close
  34. Hang or store our art and framed photographs.
  35. Go to yoga at least 15 times. <- Only about 6
  36. Read at least 4 books.
  37. Run a 5K. <- Not even close
  38. Take a trip other than to visit family.
  39. Organize our basement.
  40. Organize our home office. <- Progress was made then a large backslide occurred 

I’m still working on my list for 2014. A lot of these incomplete items are likely to appear again.

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