Ghost Lights and Hope

Two friends posted similar images. Pictures of ghost lights at theatres. One big, one small. One in Pittsburgh, one in Chicago. Theatres that are now closed due to coronavirus response measures. The images are hauntingly beautiful. The spaces may be empty, but the presence of the lights indicates hope. In theatre, a ghost light is … Continue reading Ghost Lights and Hope

How I got beyond my fear of losing control

For the monthly ChicagoNow Blogapalooza bloggers are given a topic to write about at 9 PM and publish a related post at 10 PM. Tonight's challenge was "Write about fear, or lack thereof, and the role it has played in any aspect of your life." Autonomy has been fairly constant in my life well before … Continue reading How I got beyond my fear of losing control

Snow days for grown ups are different

Today wasn't exactly a snow day. The nearly 3 feet of snow that fell in Chicago since last Tuesday finally stopped late Sunday night. Today was a day shut down due to extreme cold. A freeze day? The polar vortex-inox? (Please don't call it Chiberia) Regardless of what you call it a lot of people … Continue reading Snow days for grown ups are different

What’s in a blog name?

I started this blog as a challenge to make forty item lists for the forty weeks leading up to my fortieth birthday. That was all I was thinking about at the time. I didn't expect that I'd want to post anything beyond the weekly lists. I was incredibly wrong though. I didn't even make it … Continue reading What’s in a blog name?