Uber list for 2014

Instead of a single vague New Year’s resolution (“Get healthy!” “Write more!” “Be more awesome!”) I make an uber list of things I’d like to achieve in the coming year. My uber list usually contains some fairly easy to accomplish items and some more challenging projects, but the general rules for items appearing on my uber list are

  • Uber list items must be something I probably wouldn’t do without a list prodding me. (Things I’ve been talking about doing but haven’t yet done are usually ideal candidates.)
  • Uber list items must be specific and measurable. At the end of the year its hard to know if you actually did something “more” or did it “better.”
  • Uber list items must be within my control. I’d love to have a play produced in 2014, but unless I plan to self produce my uber list goal needs to be about sending scripts to theatres that might produce one.

Here is my 2014 uber list (in rough order from easiest to most challenging)

  1. Take the kids to Superdawg
  2. Finish the manuscript for my children’s book
  3. Donate unwanted books
  4. Get a professional make-up consultation
  5. Go on 6 date nights with my husband
  6. Take the kids on the Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier
  7. Take the kids on a water taxi
  8. See at least 4 plays
  9. Get the batteries replaced in my watches
  10. Lose 15 pounds
  11. Go to the gym at least twice a month
  12. Write 12 thank you notes for things other than gifts
  13. Submit plays to at least 10 theatres or festivals
  14. Clean out the closet in the girl’s room
  15. Get rid of our old electronics
  16. Take the kids sledding
  17. Go on a vacation to somewhere other than a family home
  18. Write a draft of a full length version of one of my one-act plays
  19. Organize the basement
  20. Organize our home office

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