Full Length Plays

Endeavor Mind (3w, 1m)

After putting her career on hold for motherhood, Claudine volunteers for an experimental brain augmentation procedure in hopes of fulfilling her true potential. Endeavor Mind depicts women in STEM tackling difficult issues of privacy, ethics, and the unintentional side effects of technological progress.

Necromony, USA (4w, 3m, 1m/w)

Kris won’t let a little thing like her fiancé being dead cancel her wedding plans…until she falls in love again.

Pseudo-Kinesis (4w, 5m, 1m/w)

Steve tries to cope with the apparent suicide of his wife while a parade of eccentric characters skew his reality in this wacky farce.

One Act Plays

Pump (2w)

A new mom gets an unorthodox introduction to how to use a breast pump.

A Skewed Nude (2w, 1m)

Three strangers at an art gallery see an acclaimed nude and reveal mostly lies.

The Wrong Mistake (1w, 1m)

A technophobic kidnapper grabs the wrong girl, and she gets her revenge.

The Pants and the Virgin (A Christmas Play) (2w, 2m)

Paul is nervous for his atheist parents to meet his fiancée, who happens to be pregnant with the next messiah.

The Tell-Tale Alexa (1w, 1m)

Is a woman’s smart speaker simply malfunctioning or revealing her dark secrets?

The Better Mother (2w)

A mother reveals her parenting fears as she interviews a potential childcare provider.

The Scariest Halloween Maze in The World (2w, 1m)

A child begs her mom to take her to a haunted Halloween maze, but the scares are more for the grown ups.

Claire’s Departure (2w, 2m)

A young girl struggles to escape insanity.

With a View of Gray Street (1w, 1m)

A man seeks an apartment with a very specific view for a rather bizarre reason.