Listing Beyond Forty

Words Like Bread

On NPR poet Kwame Alexander asked for people to write a poem about the pandemic lockdown starting with the line "Still, I rise" from which he would compile a crowdsourced poem. My submission was not used for the final product, but I like what I wrote. Still, I rise. Even if my bread did not. … Continue reading Words Like Bread

Ghost Lights and Hope

Two friends posted similar images. Pictures of ghost lights at theatres. One big, one small. One in Pittsburgh, one in Chicago. Theatres that are now closed due to coronavirus response measures. The images are hauntingly beautiful. The spaces may be empty, but the presence of the lights indicates hope. In theatre, a ghost light is … Continue reading Ghost Lights and Hope

The October Diary

The October Diary is a work of fiction that was released serially on ChicagoNow during the month of October 2015. Here are all the pieces. Start with October 1st and read them in order. The October Diary October 1: The Discovery October 2: The Man with the Shadow Voice October 3: Remembering Brendan's Funeral October … Continue reading The October Diary

Only 3 More Chances to See the Premiere of Endeavor Mind

My play Endeavor Mind at the Den Theatre in Chicago only has a 3 more performances left. I am so impressed with what the The Plagiarists, director Jen Poulin, and the talented cast have done with this world premiere production. If you are in or near Chicago and haven't yet seen the show I hope you … Continue reading Only 3 More Chances to See the Premiere of Endeavor Mind

Freeze your credit file for free

It is now free to freeze and unfreeze your credit file in the United States. This is a great way to prevent identity thieves from opening fraudulent accounts and taking out loans in your name, and with so many major data breaches in the past few years it is very likely that a criminal will … Continue reading Freeze your credit file for free