An easy Venn diagram Halloween costume for couples who love charts

Do you need an easy Halloween costume for a couple? Do you and your partner love charts and graphs? A Venn diagram Halloween costume is for you. All you need to let your analytics freak flags fly is some poster board or cardboard, markers, and something to use as straps. Depending on what you choose to wear with it this can easily be adapted into a sexy Venn diagram costume. (But, seriously, aren’t Venn diagram’s already sexy enough?)

Venn Diagram Halloween Costume part 1 First, cut circles out of the poster board or cardboard. The circles should be large enough that when you stand next to your partner they overlap.

How to draw a circle if you don’t have something the right size to trace:

Put a pin or nail in the center of the poster board, attach a string to it, and attach a pencil or pen to the other end. Pull the string tight as you circle the pin or nail. It helps if someone else pushes on the pin or nail to keep it in place.

Venn Diagram Halloween Costume part 2Next, trace the overlaping area on each circle. Label the inside of the overlapping areas on both costumes “Our Costume.” Label the other part of each costume as “His Costume” and “Her Costume.” If both people are the same gender names could be used instead of his and hers.

Be sure to include the overlap portion on both circles so that it doesn’t matter which one person’s circle is in front.

Use straps to put on the costumes and be sure to stand on the right side of each other whenever you are together. (If one of you is left handed and one of you is right handed you probably want to arrange this so your dominant hands are on the outside.)

That’s it. Now, go make your own Venn diagram Halloween costumes and make John Venn proud.Venn Diagram Halloween Costume


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