The October Diary

The October Diary is a work of fiction that was released serially on ChicagoNow during the month of October 2015. Here are all the pieces. Start with October 1st and read them in order. The October Diary October 1: The Discovery October 2: The Man with the Shadow Voice October 3: Remembering Brendan's Funeral October … Continue reading The October Diary

10 (ineffective) ways to avoid scary clowns this Halloween

Scary clowns are always a popular theme around Halloween, and we are likely to see even more of them this year because of the movie IT. So, what can you do if you hate scary clowns? Where can you hide? Luckily, I am here to help. Below are a ten things you can do to completely … Continue reading 10 (ineffective) ways to avoid scary clowns this Halloween

Gertrude Boyle: The conclusion

A guest post by Bela Matyas Feher This is part two of two. Read the first part of the story here. I see you’ve finished your sherry. Shall I pour you another? Oh, very good. You have excellent taste! This sherry is of a very unique vintage, I am assured. Like none other you have ever … Continue reading Gertrude Boyle: The conclusion

Gertrude Boyle: An introduction

A guest post by Bela Matyas Feher Sit down, Traveler, and rest your feet a while, for you are weary from the long road, and on nights like this one, ‘tis best that you should be indoors. “Why,” you ask? It is well known in the valley here, that on nights like this, when the mists … Continue reading Gertrude Boyle: An introduction

Halloween trick ideas for when I’m stingy with candy

A guest post by Brett Baker I’ve always thought of trick-or-treat as sort of a challenge. The kid who utters those words is basically saying, “You’re going to give me some candy, or you’re going to risk suffering the consequences.” And most adults give in to the pint-sized extorters without giving it a second thought. … Continue reading Halloween trick ideas for when I’m stingy with candy