10 Star Wars Halloween costumes sexier than R2-D2

My 5-year-old son wanted to be R2-D2 for Halloween. Unfortunately, the only commercially available R2-D2 costumes I could find were for babies or sexy ladies. I offered to make a DIY R2-D2 costume for my son, but he decided to be Spider-Man instead. He’s happy, but I am still frustrated that apparently no one thinks R2-D2 costumes for kids would sell. I am also baffled by the sexy R2-D2 phenomenon.

Sexy R2-D2 Halloween costumes
These are not the droids I was looking for.

If you asked me to list the Star Wars characters most likely to be immortalized as bodycon dresses I’d start with Darth Vader, Stormtroopers, and Boba Fett, and indeed those sexy costumes are widely available. R2-D2 would fall much lower on my list, just above truly unsexy characters like Jabba the Hutt, JarJar Binks, and that thing in the garbage compactor.

I’m not a huge fan of turning every person, animal, and food into a sexy Halloween costume. If you want to have a sexy Star Wars Halloween costume there’s an infamous metal bikini for that. Still, there is clearly a market for body-hugging and/or revealling costumes based on characters who were originally less conventionally sexy, so here are 10 Star Wars Halloween costumes guaranteed to be sexier than R2-D2.



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