I love fall

I love fall (or autumn, if you prefer).

I love pumpkin bread and stew. I love tea and hot chocolate. I love going inside and watching trashy TV while sitting under a blanket.

I am not hiding. That is what people do in the fall.

The days get shorter in fall. Some people complain about that. I like it.

On summer days sometimes the sun is so bright that’s it’s hard to see. It is easier to see on a dark autumn evening. Shadows add contrast.

The leaves change colors. They burst with vibrancy even though they are about to die. Because they are about to die. It’s beautiful. And sad.

And it gets cooler in fall, which means clothing changes.

The thing I love most about fall is fall fashion. Long-sleeves and sweaters. Pants or skirts with boots. People look at you funny when you wear those things during the summer. But in the fall wearing those things are normal. Everyone is dressed like that. Even the people without scars to hide. Even the people who can wear shorts and tshirts and dresses without people staring. Even the people who can go outside exposed without getting pitying looks or cruel comments. Even those people.

In fall we look alike.

Maybe these things are true of winter too, but winter is too cold. Too harsh.

I love fall.

*     *     *     *

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