Better Halloween costumes for women and girls

It’s the Halloween season, so it’s time for adults and kids to choose Halloween costumes. Unfortunately, the majority of Halloween costumes for women and girls are either princesses, “sexy” versions of normally not very sexy things, and sexy princesses. I, too, am guilty of joking about sexy Star Wars costumes, but if you are looking for something a little less expected and a lot less exploitative here are a couple of websites where you can find better Halloween costumes for women and girls.

Take Back Halloween (

Take Back Halloween Costumes for Women

Take Back Halloween bills itself as “a costume guide for women with imagination,” but most of its Halloween costumes would work for girls as well.

Take Back Halloween features women from history and mythology. For each woman the site includes a brief biography and a guide to putting together a Halloween costume. The Halloween costume ideas sometimes require creative shopping, but none of the costume guides I read required sewing.

Do you still want a sexy Halloween costume? That’s fine. But instead of being a sexy version of an inanimate object, Take Back Halloween suggests sex symbols with substance. Some examples from the site:

Do you like princess Halloween costumes? Why don’t you upgrade to being queen? The site has royal costume guides that include:

Do you like spooky Halloween costumes? How about Lizzie Borden?

My favorite costumes on Take Back Halloween are the ones based on other notable women including

If you’d rather buy a premade costume, here a site you may prefer.

A Mighty Girl (

A Mighty Girl Halloween Costume Guide

A Mighty Girl calls itself “The world’s largest collection of books, toys, and movies for smart, confident, and courageous girls.” In addition to that they have a “Girl Empowerment Halloween Costume Guide.” These are all commercial, pre-packaged Halloween costumes available for purchase, but unlike on other sites there aren’t any toddler-sized fishnet tights among them.

The selection of Halloween costumes for girls featured on A Mighty Girl include super heroes, animals, a classic witch, and empowered cartoon characters like Violet from the Incredibles and Doc McStuffins.

A Mighty Girl also includes Halloween costumes based on historical figures including Betsy Ross and Cleopatra.


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