Listing Toward Halloween starts in one week!

It’s baa-ack! In one week Listing Beyond Forty will again become Listing Toward Halloween. During the month of October I will feature posts related to or inspired by Halloween, including costume ideas and spooky stories.

Listing Toward Halloween 2

Over the next week I will start transforming the site to its Listing Toward Halloween design. The first Halloween post will go live on October 1st.

While you are waiting, there are a few things you can do to get ready.

1. Subscribe to email updates so you won’t miss any of the Halloween posts!
Put your email in the box and push the button.  My list is completely ad free, and you can opt out at any time.

2. Follow @halloween4all on Twitter and Halloween Queen on Facebook.

Those are my Halloween accounts where I am already posting Halloween and horror-themed content regularly. If you are truly a fan of Halloween you should follow those accounts. I will share some Halloween stuff to my usual Twitter, Google+, and Facebook accounts, but they will remain eclectic. If you want to overdose on Halloween content like an unattended kid eating trick-or-treat candy you should follow the Halloween specific accounts.

3. Get in the Halloween mood by reading some previous Listing Toward Halloween posts.

Last year Listing Toward Halloween featured a lot of guest authors. The entire list of posts is here. These were five of my favorites:

I have a lot of fun new Halloween posts planned for this October. Don’t miss them!

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