Words Like Bread

On NPR poet Kwame Alexander asked for people to write a poem about the pandemic lockdown starting with the line "Still, I rise" from which he would compile a crowdsourced poem. My submission was not used for the final product, but I like what I wrote. Still, I rise. Even if my bread did not. … Continue reading Words Like Bread

I hate writing bios

I have to write a bio. I hate writing bios. To be clear, by "bio" I mean a short biographical statement such as might appear in a press release or show program. An autobiographical statement in this case since I need to write one about myself. I'd probably have an easier time writing one about … Continue reading I hate writing bios

More on the “plight” of women playwrights

Last month I wrote about how few women playwrights have won Pulitzer Prizes, but still, when I saw pictures of Lynn Nottage and Paula Vogel on the front of the A&E section of my Sunday New York Times I was shocked as to why. Nottage and Vogel, two of the people on that very short list … Continue reading More on the “plight” of women playwrights

Women Pulitzer Playwrights, a short book for a short list

I often joke about wanting to win the Pulitzer Prize. Heck, winning a Pulitzer Prize was item number one on the list that was my very first post when I started this blog. Five year later and, no, I still haven't won a Pulitzer Prize. To be fair I haven't been trying very hard. To … Continue reading Women Pulitzer Playwrights, a short book for a short list

A love letter to my muse

Hello? Are you there? Are you even reading this? [No, not *you.* I see you there. Whether you are a longtime reader or a new one, welcome. I am glad you are here. I truly am, but I must admit that this is being written for someone else. It's okay. You can read it too. … Continue reading A love letter to my muse