How I did with my 2017 goals

The theme of my 2017 goals had been living in the real world. Unfortunately, each days news was a reminder that the real world of 2017 wasn’t a great place to be. Luckily my goals were not the type of things to be impacted by politics, hurricanes, stories of sexual harassment or any of the other awful events of the year. My goals were little pleasures separate from that, and I largely did well with them. Here’s how I did:

See people in real life

  • Go out with friends at least 15 times. I did so well with this that I stopped keeping count.
  • Go see friends outside of Chicago at least once. I kind of cheated with this one because I had to go to Cleveland for work so I added a quick trip to Pittsburgh at the end of that. At least I went though! And I got to see a decent number of friends for being in town for less than 24 hours.

Take care of my body

  • Go to Pilates or yoga at least 7 times a month. This proved to be overly ambitious, particularly in a year when I was traveling for work almost every month. Still, most months I went to Pilates 5 or 6 times, which is pretty good.

Do something with my hands (other than type)

  • I started this section of my goals with the following note, “Not that you perverts. I don’t need to set a goal to inspire me to do that.” Earlier this year I did, however, make a list of 40 new euphemisms for female masturbation, so you can take from that what you will (perverts).
  • Take up lockpicking. Unfortunately, the TOOOL meetings tended to be when I was out of town, but I did manage to go four times. I even officiated the lockpicking competition at TOOOL Chicago’s Locktoberfest event. I’m not particularly good at it yet, but I will keep practicing.

Keep reading

  • Read at least 25 books. This is the one I really fell short on. I only finished 16 books. I need to get more disciplined about reading.

Have fun in the physical world

  • Go to Six Flags at least twice. Yep. We went three times.
  • Go the beach at least 3 times. We really excelled at this one. I even wrote about how easy it was to go to the beach once we just started doing it.
  • Go to 10 plays. I got close. I saw eight plays this year. But one was the Broadway production of M. Butterfly directed by Julie Taymor and starring Clive Owens, so I think that should count twice. And the last show I saw was Burning Bluebeard by the Ruffians here in Chicago, which is a show that so moved me I think it should count 10 times!

And, one exception

  • Start a new full-length play. I almost completed a first draft. Expect more about that in my 2018 goals.

Did you achieve what you wanted to in 2017?

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