If I can manage to go the beach I can achieve anything! (Maybe)

I live about a mile from Lake Michigan. The beach is right there. Still, in the past we rarely went. I wrote last year about not going to the beach very often over the summer, and I wrote last month about worrying this year would end up the same. Luckily, that has not been the case. Largely due to my husband taking charge and getting us motivated, we have been to the beach at least a half dozen times, sometimes multiple days in a row. It’s been wonderful.


How has this change of pattern occurred? Mostly because instead of thinking about what it would take to get to the beach we just go. Unless the weather is bad or we have something else planned, we go to the beach. We keep our beach gear constantly packed, often leaving it in the back of the car for the next time. Only dirty, wet towels and the small cooler we use for drinks and snacks truly need to come inside.

On most weekend mornings getting ready for the beach has become synonymous with getting ready. Everyone goes straight from pajamas to swimsuits. Showers are postponed until after we return coated in sunscreen and sand.

This makes me wonder if my other languishing goals could be accomplished if I would just do them rather than obsessing over all the things it would take to do them. I could organize my office! I could clean out the basement! I could redo our guest room! I could fix our old doorknobs! I could organize my dresser! I could conquer the world!

Strange. None of those things seem quite as fun as going to the beach. They will probably have to wait for me a little longer. Now, excuse me. I have some sand and sunscreen to shower off.


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