Everyone else in my house has been sick

It started with my boy. Nothing too disgusting. A high fever and achiness. When his fever remained high even while taking medication we consulted the pediatrician. The doctor said my son just needed to let the fever run its course. He also warned that this thing my boy had was going around and was highly contagious. Uh-oh.

On the same evening when my boy hit 24 hours fever-free and would be able to return to school the next day his sister was disoriented and complaining that her eyes hurt. I touched her head. It was hot and clammy. The thermometer confirmed what I already knew. It was her turn. She still had a fever tonight meaning she can’t go to school again tomorrow. She will miss her class field trip. Neither of us remember where they were going, which is probably for the best.

And now my husband is having some tea and going to bed early because he isn’t feeling well.

I am the only one left. I am the only one who hasn’t gotten sick. Is it because I got the flu shot at work? Is it because of that orange I ate? Is it because my body is a magnificent, illness fighting marvel that will not allow an extraordinary creature such as myself to succumb to mortal afflictions?!

Or maybe it’s just hasn’t been my time yet. Maybe I do feel a little more fatigued than usual. Maybe my eyes are a little dry. Maybe my throat is a little scratchy.

Maybe I should eat another orange. And stay hydrated. And rest.

And wait.

Hanging on the edge of the chair, suffering from a sickness Relaxing peacefully in a wooden chair

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