Get psyched for October with a Halloween GIF dance party

It’s almost October, which means its time to transform this site it to its seasonal variation, Listing Toward Halloween. Hooray! It’s about to be a party! (An on-line, largely text-based party, but a party none the less.) Gloss up your reading glasses and get your ghoulish groove on!

Last year, I did something a little different by publishing a single serialized story, The October Diary. That was fun, but this year I’m going back to my usual variety pack of Halloween-focused and Halloween-inspired posts. Since it’s not a party without guests, I invited some friends to write some things for me. You guys, I have to tell you that the posts they have written are stupendous!

danse macabre

This year’s Halloween posts are a delightful mix of personal stories (both spooky and sweet), useful tips, creepy fiction, and more. I am so excited about these posts that it is all I can do not to just publish them all right now! But as my kids have learned on Halloweens past, too many treats at one time can make you sick, so like a responsible parent I will dole out the posts gradually throughout October. That way the fun can last all the way until Halloween.

pumpkin guy dancing

Of course, if you don’t want to wait that long you can always binge on the Listing Toward Halloween archives. You should also follow @halloween4all on Twitter and Halloween Queen on Facebook, where I share fun and interesting Halloween stuff that I find all over the Internet.

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Are you ready for this Halloween blog party? Let’s boogie!

lurch dancing

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