40 creepy starting sentences for stories about librarians

‘Tis the season to write spooky stories, and it seems like someone was looking for some specific assistance that my blog could not provide. I noticed that a search term that brought someone to my blog was “creepy starting sentences to start a story about a librarian.” Well, sadly that person had to go away empty handed, but in the spirit of giving the people (or at least a person) what they want I have written a list of 40 creepy starting sentences for stories about librarians. I just hope that person tries their search again.

  1. Most people don’t know that the real reason librarians make you be quiet is so they can hear if the ghosts are awake.
  2. The first time I let a library book go overdue it cost me 15 cents; the second time it cost me this finger.
  3. Marie was a librarian, and being a librarian gave her access to an entire library’s worth of books about poisons, which had come in handy on many occasions.
  4. Some librarians worry about bedbug infestations in their books, but Karen knew that something much larger was sucking the blood of patrons to the Lakeview Library.
  5. Not all librarians are secretly witches, but Ms. Grandy definitely was.
  6. They say the librarian will help you access any book in the library except for one.
  7. The librarian said calmly, “The key to cleaning blood off of books is getting it while the blood is still wet.”
  8. Charlie wasn’t a great detective, but he knew that ten dead librarians in as many months was beginning to look like a pattern.
  9. The librarian pushed his selections aside, slipped him a different book, and whispered, “This is the one you want. It will save your life.”
  10. Some people view libraries as safe quiet places, but after that summer I will never step foot in a library again.
  11. The first thing to know about librarians is you should never face one alone without being properly armed.
  12. The library trolls were having a meeting about the new librarian.
  13. It was not long after the new librarian arrived that people began getting sick.
  14. Person after person asked the librarian their banal questions, but none asked the question she wanted to be asked, the question whose answer would break the spell and set her free.
  15. One part of being a librarian I  could never get used to was the taste of human flesh.
  16. It’s not often that one librarian can save the world from a zombie apocalypse, but this was one of those times.
  17. When the town library locked its doors each night it became home to horror story scarier than any of the books sitting on its shelves.
  18. You know that something horrible has happened when the mandated silence of the library is broken by the librarian’s own scream.
  19. There is an area, deep in the stacks, where only the bravest librarians go.
  20. The living librarians and the ghosts were having a bit of a feud over the Dewey decimal system.
  21. As a child I always confused “librarians” with “barbarians,” but if you had the misfortune of visiting my elementary school library you would understand why.
  22. “Most of the books in this library are perfectly normal books, but there are also 13 magical ones if you know where to look, ” said the librarian with a wink.
  23. When I tried to pull the book from the bookshelf it pulled back. “That one doesn’t like to be checked out,” said the librarian.
  24. My brother told me there was a secret dungeon underneath the library. He said he’d seen it.
  25. As the librarian closed and locked the door a large hand grabbed her around the neck as a deep voice hissed, “I’m looking for a book.”
  26. I was concentrating on studying when a bony hand of the librarian squeezed my shoulder and whispered, “You shouldn’t have come tonight.”
  27. His mother told him that the librarian could help him to find the book he needed, but his mother did not know (as he did) that this particular librarian was secretly a werewolf was presently unavailable due to the full moon being out.
  28. Growing up, our neighborhood library had twins for librarians. It bothered me how I could see a librarian checking people out at the front desk then see seemingly the same librarian sorting books upstairs a moment later.
  29. I walked up to check out a whole stack of library books, but there wasn’t anyone there. The old man who always sat at the front table said, “She’s gone, and I don’t think she’ll be coming back this time.”
  30. The famous Labyrinthine Library was so named because it’s shelves were set up in the form of a labyrinth, complete with a Minotaur at its center. As the librarian is was my job to feed him.
  31. We were huddled around our phones somewhere in the non-fiction section when the librarian approached. “For every Pokemon you catch in my library I get to collect one of you.”
  32. The first thing that struck me about the library was its lack of books. The first thing that struck me about the librarian was her lack of a head.
  33. Once kids starts disappearing the library was about the only place my parents let me go, which is how I found the shelf. The shelf of books featuring fairy tales about each of the missing children.
  34. I heard a crunching and when I looked up from my book I could have sworn the librarian had just bit the head off some sort of small animal.
  35. The night after the library burned we saw the librarian at the graveyard burying what appeared to be the charred remains of some books.
  36. I ran to the librarian clutching my hand. “That book just bit me!”
  37. There are only two things I’m afraid of, vampires and librarians, and I was about to face a whole lot of both.
  38. The librarian was dying, that was clear, but before he close his eyes he handed me a strange key and said, “Take care of her.” Take care of who?
  39. At first I didn’t recognize the librarian outside of the library, but she liked a good blood sacrifice just like the rest of us, I guess.
  40. We stared at the library in awe. The building itself seemed to be screaming.

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