I am tired

I am tired,

but I am not encircled by a tire.

I am sluggish,

but I am not a slug.

I am drained,

but I am not a bathtub.

I am spent,

but I am not legal currency.

I am wiped out,

but I’ve never surfed.

I’m somnolent,

but I’m not a sommelier.

I am exhausted,

but I am not emitting exhaust.

I am logy,

but I do not resemble Donal Logue.

Donal Logue

Uh-oh. Maybe I kind of do. I need some beauty sleep.

I’m lethargic,

and I hope it’s not lethal.

I’m quiescent,

and I’ve acquiesced to it.

I am weary,

and it’s making me weird

-er than usual.

I am knackered,

but I haven’t got the knack

to wake up,

to motivate,

to energize.

I’m yawning.

I’m caffeinating.

I’m pushing through.

I’m done.


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