I celebrate Easter, but I’m not a Christian

I was looking for days to see a couple of children’s shows I want to take the kids to. Our schedules are open next Sunday, but neither show has performances that day. It’s Easter. I’m sure they don’t have shows on Easter out of respect for performers and crew members who celebrate the holiday and in anticipation that there would be low attendance because of people’s religious and family obligations on that day. My family would have been happy to see a play on Sunday. We aren’t Christian, so Easter is not a big deal to us. However, I must admit that we do celebrate Easter somewhat.

Here are 10 reasons I love celebrating Easter even though I’m not religious:

  1. Easter is fun for my kids. This is by far the number one reason I celebrate Easter. Baskets from a bunny, dyeing eggs, and egg hunts make my kids smile, and I like to see that.
  2. Easter celebrates spring, and I like spring. As with Christmas, many Easter traditions take themselves from pagan roots. Although I’m not a pagan either, I do consider the rebirth of nature and the promise of warmer weather to be something to celebrate.
  3. Eating chocolate bunnies for breakfast is a rite of passage. See item number 1.
  4. Cadbury Cream Eggs are weird but delicious. As the ads say, “Thank you, Easter Bunny. Bawk! Bawk!”
  5. Ham is yummy and on sale. I wouldn’t say that having a big Easter dinner is a priority, but when ham, lamb, and prime rib go on sale it’s a good excuse for a feast.
  6. Hardboiled eggs are more exciting in pastel colors. We dyed eggs last weekend. Half are already gone. Why? Because my children keep begging to eat them. They are never that excited about normal hardboiled eggs.
  7. It reminds me of my friend Jay’s story about “flying Jesi.”
  8. Peeps. Not to eat, but I appreciate a good Peeps diorama.
  9. I grew up celebrating Easter. I was raised Catholic, so we definitely celebrated Easter (although singing all the saints names at Easter Vigil mass wasn’t exactly “fun.”).
  10. Santa over-bought at Christmas, so he is passing on stocking overflow to the Easter Bunny to use in Easter baskets. 😉

So, Happy Easter to those who celebrate (whether or not your celebration involves going church). And, if you don’t celebrate Easter, that’s okay too.

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