Song for a canceled Trump rally: “Tiny Hands, Sir”

My friend Old Single Mom went to the Donald Trump Rally in Chicago that was canceled. You should read her incredible observations from the event. One of the things she notes is this:

A bunch of Trump supporters sang in unison to Elton John’s “Rocket Man” – and then blanked on the lyrics of “Tiny Dancer.”

That seemed rather unfortunate, so I decided to help out Trump’s supporters by providing some new lyrics to “Tiny Dancer” just for them.

I proudly present my song “Tiny Hands, Sir” (in the style of “Tiny Dancer” by Elton John). Everyone sing along!

Orange-faced baby.

Fascist? Maybe.

Wants to rule the land.


Combed-over styled.

I am not a fan.

UIC Arena, you must have seen him

wanting to fill the stands.

So many cities

the scenes weren’t pretty.

We can’t elect this man.


Donald Trump freaks

out in the streets

with tickets for the show.

Seeing that

Chicago laughs.

This is a problem we won’t have.


Business man

getting banned

from the auditorium.

Looking on

the protest throngs.

Not too bad, as these things go.


But oh how it feels so real

The hate and fear that brought him here.

Now only we can stop this rally

When I say loudly, proudly:


Hold off with your tiny hands, sir.

Take your hate show on the highway.

We will make this country great again.

We’ll start by turning Trump away.


Hold off with your tiny hands, sir.

Take your hate show on the highway.

We will make this country great again.

Let’s do it right election day.

Trump Tiny Hand

Hey, Chicago. Protests are great, but don’t forget to vote. Early voting continues today, and election day is Tuesday.

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