Do you lie on Facebook?

“My dad died last night.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry for your loss.”

“What did you say about him?”


“When you prayed for him.”

“Well…I guess…”

“Did you pray for him?”

“I don’t really pray much at all. Nothing against your dad.”

“But you said you’d pray. When I posted on Facebook that dad was in the hospital again and asked people to pray for him you said you would.”

“I was just being supportive.”

“Lying is being supportive?”

“No. I mean it’s a saying. Something nice to say. I didn’t think you’d take it literally.”

“How else would I take it? I asked for prayers. You said you’d pray. You didn’t.”

“I can’t be the only once who says they’ll pray for someone but doesn’t say an actual prayer. There are so many people on Facebook asking people to pray for this and pray for that that I’d spend all day lighting candles if I literally prayed for everyone.”

“Maybe you should. What if yours was the one prayer that could have put him over? The one prayer that could have saved him?”

“I don’t believe that it would have made a difference. I guess that’s what it comes down to. I had more faith in his doctors than in whatever words I might have mumbled.”

“You don’t believe in God?”

“I don’t know. Not really. Probably not.”

“But you believe in lying.”

“That’s not fair.”

“You said you’d pray and you didn’t. You also said you are sorry for my loss. Are you really? How many lies have there been? What else have you lied about?”

“Well, I guess when I said I hoped your birthday would be awesome I really didn’t care one way or another. Oh, and I didn’t actually like your vacation pictures. I just clicked like to be polite. And I…hey, I’m kidding.” Sort of.

Facebook lies

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