The creepiest scene I can imagine

A woman is asleep in bed. She twitches a bit, brushing her arm with her other hand. She shifts and continues to sleep.

Again her arm twitches. She is more awake this time. She feels something on her arm. She anxiously brushes it off then turns on the light. On the blanket is a house centipede. She gasps and bats it out of the bed.

Then she looks at the room.

The floor and walls are covered with house centipedes. Thousands of them. A moving shag carpet of legs and antennae.

She screams.

Hundreds of house centipedes begin crawling onto the bed. She stands on her pillow, but they are moving too fast. They begin crawling up her legs.

[Hollywood: You should make a horror movie about house centipedes. It would be super creepy.]

[Hollywood: By the way, I probably would not choose to see a movie about house centipedes. I’d be way too squeamish.]

house centipede

This is part of my Fiction Friday series. If you like creepy stories you may also enjoy

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