It’s my last day of work, I’m crying and angry

It’s my last day of work and I’m crying. I’m not crying because I will miss my job. It wasn’t very challenging anyway. I’m not crying because I’ll miss the people. I don’t tend to get very close to most work people. I’m crying because I’m angry. I’m angry that no one cared enough to keep my position funded. I’m angry that they are letting me go.

When I was first told that my position would not be funded past the current fiscal year my husband suggested it was for the best since I didn’t really like my job anyway. I told him that I hoped that this would be a catalyst for something new and better but that I was still angry about it. He didn’t quite get why, so this is what I told him:

Did you ever have a girlfriend that you were considering breaking up with but then she broke up with you first? It’s like that. No one wants not to be wanted.

Then he got it.

last day of work

Luckily this looks like it will turn into a positive outcome. I got a new job that seems interesting. (It actually came out of a contact I made at that job fair.) Our lives will be shaken up over the next few weeks as we sort out new commutes and new childcare. It will be chaotic for a bit, but I must admit that it’s also exciting.

Still, I’m angry about this being my last day at a place where I’ve worked for over 6 years. I’m angry about not being wanted. I’m angry that no one even got me a cake.

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