BBC cancelled The Hour? It happens to the best shows

BBC cancelled The Hour, which aired here on BBC America. Apparently this is old news, but I only found out this morning when I innocently searched for “When does season 3 of The Hour start on BBC America?” I was sad to learn that the answer is “never.”

The Hour was set in a newsroom in 1950s London. It had a great cast: Romola Garai, Dominic West, Ben Whishaw, Anna Chancellor. It was well written, blending historical events with fictional characters. It featured strong women.

Although set a decade earlier it had a similar vintage feel as Mad Men. Buzzfeed even declared The Hour to be the British Mad Men and posted 8 GIFs to prove it. But The Hour was not a Mad Men rip off. The Hour was as good, if not better, than Mad Men. Still I fear that coming on the heels of Mad Men‘s success probably hurt The Hour. People didn’t feel the need for another retro drama. What a shame.

Finding out that The Hour was cancelled reminds me of when I learned that AMC canceled Rubicon. That was another time I was late to hear the news. Someone on Twitter asked for TV series recommendations. I named Rubicon, and someone else chimed in, “Wasn’t that cancelled?” I wish she had been wrong.

Rubicon was cancelled after one riveting season. The Hour was cancelled after two.

Meanwhile the Real Housewives franchise persists. Sigh.

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