List 39: Blatant use of the ‘F’ word (Not *that* ‘F’ word)

I don’t often use the “f” word. No, not that “f” word. The expletive “f” word I use more than I should (including for every item in this list). The “f” word I don’t use often is “favorite.” I don’t often declare favorite things. Sure, I’ll list a lot of things I like such as canceled TV shows or smart people or guilty pleasure movies, but I rarely choose one favorite. There are too many wonderful things in this world to choose favorites. My favorite things tend to change with mood and circumstance, but I will admit there are few things in this world that stand out. I can call these some of my favorite things (at least for today and sometimes with significant caveats).

Below is a potpourri of 40 of my favorite things in categories ranging from books to restaurants to software to theatre. Perhaps some of these favorite things can become yours.

  1. Favorite pinner of bizarre things on Pinterest: Lisa Wood. Sadly I did not discover her until after I did my list of unique Pinterest boards. Had I known I would certainly have included her.Lisa Wood Pinterest
  2. Favorite book about writing: On Writing by Stephen King
  3. Favorite cookbook (savory): Mexican Everyday by Rick Bayless
  4. Favorite cookbook (sweet): How to be a Domestic Goddess by Nigella Lawson
  5. Favorite cookbook (vintage): Better Home and Gardens Guide to Entertaining (1969) from my grandmother’s cookbook collection Better Homes and Gardens Guide to Entertaining
  6. Favorite item from a sample to do list in my favorite vintage cookbook: “Press hostess pants.”
    Press hostess pants
  7. Favorite song to run to: “It’s a Fact” by Matt & Kim.
  8. Favorite (and least favorite due to excessive creepiness) episode of The X-Files: Home
  9. Favorite movie: All That Jazz (Although not my favorite part of the movie I always remember reading that the opening scene is the entire story of A Chorus Line compressed to 5 minutes.)
  10. Favorite movie when I want to sound like more of a bad ass: Fight Club (The Ikea sequence is particularly brilliant.)
  11. Favorite classic cocktail (whiskey): Old fashioned
  12. Favorite classic cocktail (vodka): Moscow mule
  13. Favorite pinball machine: Addams Family

    Addams Family Pinball
    By Stéfan Le Dû via Wikimedia Commons
  14. Favorite dance step to do down the aisles of Target: pas de bourree
  15. Favorite F. Scott Fitzgerald quote: “Draw your chair up close to the edge of the precipice and I’ll tell you a story.”
  16. Favorite Ray Bradbury short story: The Laurel and Hardy Love Affair
  17. Favorite book from which I learned that the Right Whale has a 10 foot prehensile penis: Fluke, or I know why the winged whale sings by Christopher Moore
  18. Favorite current TV show (although it’s between seasons right now): The Hour on BBC America
  19. Favorite place to eat in Edgewater that didn’t exist when I made my list of favorite places to eat in Edgewater: Dak Korean Chicken Wings
  20. Favorite place to eat in Edgewater that didn’t exist when I made my list of favorite places to eat in Edgewater that also sells my favorite hot sauceSauce & Bread Kitchen
  21. Favorite place to eat that is just a little too far south to have make the Edgewater list: Pecking Order
  22. Favorite food that I rarely get to eat because my husband doesn’t like it: Thai
  23. Favorite shoes I own:

    I wear these to work. I wear these out to dinner. I really should buy another pair.
    I wear these to work. I wear these out to dinner. I really should buy another pair.
  24. Favorite social network: Twitter
  25. Favorite Google+ feature: Communities
  26. Favorite program in the Microsoft Office Suite: Tie between Excel and Visio (My least favorite part of the Microsoft Office suite is easily PowerPoint)
  27. Favorite thing that makes my back feel better: Bikram Yoga
  28. Favorite episode of The Simpsons: Homer Badman 

  29. Favorite tourist attraction: Winchester Mystery House (Autoplay warning)
  30. Favorite sculptor: Auguste Rodin
  31. Favorite example of knowing something only because of musical theatre: Getting the date of the start of the Hungarian Revolution correct solely because of the opening of this song from the musical Chess
  32. Favorite thing to think about when I think about John Malkovich: This scene from Being John Malkovich
  33. Favorite show I’ve directed: Vaclav Havel’s Temptation at Duquesne University in 2000. (It also yielded my favorite review.)
  34. Favorite playwright/political leader: Vaclav Havel
  35. Favorite monologue from David Mamet’s All Men Are Whores: An Inquiry, which totally doesn’t count because it’s everyone’s favorite monologue from All Men Are Whores: Six I like a nice ass. I like a nice ass and legs. (pause) The ass is the top of the legs.
  36. Favorite place to get a grilled cheese sandwich (with a side of fries and cheap beer): Dee’s Cafe in Pittsburgh, although that web site seems much hipper than the place I remember so I’m worried that they may not even serve grilled cheese any more or worse that they’ve cleaned the grill.
  37. Favorite restaurant when I was a kid: El Mansour in San Francisco (I haven’t been there for years.)
  38. Favorite girl child: my daughter
  39. Favorite boy child: my son (having one of each makes the whole favoritism thing a lot less awkward)
  40. Favorite husband: mine (Good job on getting your swimmers to make 38 and 39 happen, sweetie! No, I still don’t know what I want for my birthday.)

What are your favorite things?


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