Celebrate Easter with a flying Jesus lawn decoration

Easter is an important Christian holiday yet most people celebrate Easter with secular decorations of bunnies and eggs. Christmas at least has both Christmas trees and nativity scenes for those who choose to display them. Where are the Easter decorations celebrating Jesus’ resurrection? Why do you rarely see religious Easter decorations?

While on a road trip through rural Ohio driving past lawns filled with bunnies, eggs, and festively adorned ducks my friend Jay wondered the same thing. Then, he got an idea. He got a brilliant idea for a new way to celebrate Easter with a greater focus on the resurrection of Jesus. The result was the story of “Jay and the Flying Jesi.” (Flying Jesi being the plural he proposed for multiple Flying Jesus.) Below I have immortalized the story in the most reverent form available to someone with limited drawing skills: a Bitstrip comic. Hallelujah!

Click through the gallery to learn the secret of the Flying Jesi. Would you celebrate Easter with one of these decorations on your lawn?


For more unconventional Easter decorations check out The Easter Bunny and the Blair Witch

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