List 24: What I really wanted for Christmas

I got some nice things for Christmas, but Christmas for me is more about seeing my kids excited than what I might get. It’s not that I don’t like things. I really like things, but I have plenty of things already. There are some things I really want, but they would be difficult to impossible to give as gifts. Still, since I do have a birthday coming up in about 16 weeks I’ll make my wish list known in case anyone can manage to make even one or two of these things happen.

Stuff I want, in no apparent order:

  • For all the bathrooms in my house to be self-cleaning.
  • Same for the kitchen.
  • Actually, just make the entire house self-cleaning. Thanks in advance.
  • To have my 35 year old body back. (Seriously, I was in better shape than I was in my twenties.)
  • A coffee tap that allows me to get a cup of coffee as easily as filling a glass of water.
  • A margarita tap would also be nice.
  • The ability to subscribe to HBO without having to subscribe to cable TV.
  • Daily massages.
  • Monthly pedicures.
  • For my kids to consistently sleep through the night without “co-sleeping.”
  • For my kids to sleep past 7 a.m. particularly on weekends and holidays.
  • Money and time for a beach vacation…
  • …ideally without the kids.
  • More people clicking the Facebook like button on my blog posts (like this one) or liking my Facebook page. Those things shouldn’t matter, but as A City Mom points out, they do.
  • A personal assistant in charge of paper: filing it or shredding it or making me do something with it before its deadline.
  • A personal assistant in charge of email: like paper only there’s more of it.
  • A babysitter who has no life or other jobs and is, therefore, constantly available when I need her even on short notice.
  • The time and energy to read books.
  • The time and energy to write plays.
  • An Addams Family pinball game, and
  • A pinball maintenance and repair person. (I just want to play pinball in my house whenever I want. I don’t want another chore.)
  • Electronics that don’t become obsolete for at least 5 years, ideally 10.
  • A walk in closet.
  • The natural blond hair color of my youth.
  • Hair that air dries looking like a perfect blow out.
  • Or an imperfect blow out. Just something that looks like a hair style.
  • To have the batteries replaced in my watches. (I have at least 5 watches, but only one is currently working.)
  • To have the hems repaired on my pants and skirts. (Most of my work clothes are currently unwearable.)
  • To have the heels repaired on the majority of my boots and work shoes. (Between this and the item above it’s amazing that I can still create a reasonably well-kempt look for work. Luckily, I’m off until January.)
  • Speaking of work, I would like to be in an office instead of a cube…
  • Or at least to be in a cube that is not adjacent to a high traffic water cooler and printer…
  • Or at least not to feel singledby being the only person in my department with a cube instead of an office…
  • Or at least to be above caring about my work environment or job satisfaction or feeling valued.
  • To have someone else undecorate the Christmas tree and pack the ornaments. Oh, how I doing hate that.
  • Dinner at Alinea (paid for including cab and babysitter).
  • To achieve anything on my list of unattainable goals.

But more important than any of those I want

  • My children to be safe and healthy.
  • People to stop shooting each other.
  • An end to cancer.
  • The entire assortment of “Real Housewives” shows to go off the air.

I also accept gift certificates.

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