Holiday Reading List

I’ll be enjoying Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with family and friends, and the preparations that go with that. Right now my second cheesecake of the night is in the oven. There will only be one cheesecake to eat tomorrow though. The first one I made got horribly overcooked when I forgot about it while wrapping presents in another room with the door closed. We actually have plenty of sweets in the house without the addition of the cheesecake, but my son crushed the candy canes for the original one. I didn’t want to admit defeat when he asks about his candy cane pie, so I went to the store at 9:45 pm to get what I needed to make another cheesecake. Such are the things I do to try to make magic for my kids.

With all the holiday craziness I am deferring my weekly list until Wednesday. I hope you will be busying yourself with your own loved ones, but if you are looking for some distractions here are a few.

Catch up on some recent posts you may have missed.

You can also check out some of the other great blogs here at ChicagoNow. Here are a few recommended posts.

Or you can just watch super smart person Neil deGrasse Tyson get down.

Happy Holidays!

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