10 (ineffective) ways to avoid scary clowns this Halloween

Scary clowns are always a popular theme around Halloween, and we are likely to see even more of them this year because of the movie IT. So, what can you do if you hate scary clowns? Where can you hide? Luckily, I am here to help. Below are a ten things you can do to completely avoid and take your mind off the existence of scary clowns.

(NOTE: The author accepts no liability in the probable case that these tips prove to be ineffective as means of avoiding scary clowns. Scroll at your own risk.)

1. Go outside and explore nature.

Pennywise Clown in Nature

2. Relax on your porch.

Clown on the porch

3. Order a pizza.

Clown with pizza

4. Welcome a friend into your home.

Clown at the door

5. Play with a child.

Child playing with clown lurking in the background

6. Watch some nostalgic children’s television.

Mr Rogers with a clown mask

7. Hide in the bathroom.

Clown crawling under a bathroom stalll

8. Hide under your bed.

Clown attack under the bed

9. Get naked and snuggle with someone special.

Clowns coming out from under the bed

10. Or just go to bed until creepy clown season is over.

AHS Clown attacking woman in bed

See! There are so many ways to avoid scary clowns. There is absolutely nothing to be afraid of. Except all those scary clowns.

Stephen Colbert

Happy Halloween!

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