Horrible crock pot meals

When I wrote about how much I love Hugh Acheson’s new cookbook The Chef and the Slow Cooker, I offered my extra copy of the book to the person with the worst crock pot meal story. Here are the finalists:

Instead of having a second and third place I’m making Dee Martenson of Billings, MT and Joan Osborne from Boomer, NC tied for second place since their stories are so similar.

Dee’s story:

Don’t know if this would qualify but my worst crockpot disaster was just plain absent mindedness on my part. I placed a seasoned roast and veggies in the crockpot one morning, took off for the day and came home to a raw meal. I never turned it on!

And based on that, I’m sure you can guess the gist of Joan’s story:

My worst slow cooker meal was a disaster. I thought I’d set my slow cooker and evidently hadn’t hit start once I got it set for 10 hours. I got home ready to eat steak tips I had put in the slow cooker only to find it hadn’t cooked at all. I ended up having to throw it away and we ended up having sandwiches for our supper that night.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure a cookbook can help with those types of problems, which is why I’ll be giving the cookbook to first place winner Cortney Fargo of Streetsboro, OH. She says she loves her crock pot and has made a lot of things that turned out well, but there was this one time…

I wanted to make pasta.  Trying to make my recipe a little healthier, I decided on baked ziti in the crock pot, but instead of regular noodles, I used gluten free ziti.  I followed the directions, and 3 hours later, I had baked mush!  All the noodles disintegrated.  It was gross, and no salvaging that mess.

Yuck. I’m sorry to hear that, Cortney, but at least it got you a cookbook! Try not to make any weird substitutions though.

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