A super easy DIY Shopkins advent calendar

My son really wanted the Star Wars LEGO advent calendar this year. I caved because I’m a sucker for holiday stuff, but that meant I also needed a toy-based advent calendar for my daughter. I figured that would be easy because she loves Shopkins and Shopkins are the perfect size for an advent calendar! Surprisingly though, I couldn’t find a premade Shopkins advent calendar anywhere, so I decided to make my own Shopkins countdown calendar. Because I don’t do a lot of crafting I made a super easy one, and you can too. This would also work for other small toys.

What you need to make a super easy DIY Shopkins advent calendar:

Shopkins Advent Calendar Supplies

  • 24 Shopkins or accessories (I found several options that had 20 Shopkins and four “rooms.”)
  • 24 favor boxes (2×2″)
  • Stickers
  • Tape or glue
  • Permanent marker

To assemble the calendar

  1. Put one Shopkin in each box.
  2. Tape or glue the boxes together with the flaps facing out so they can still open. (I made 6 rows of six, but you could make a Christmas tree or other formation.)
  3. Decorate the boxes with stickers.
  4. Number the boxes 1 to 24.
  5. Let the recipient open one flap each day in December until Christmas, getting a little Shopkins surprise each time.

Easy DIY Shopkins Advent Calendar

That’s it! I think it took me 15 minutes to assemble this. If you use glue it will take longer due to drying time, but the boxes will fit close together.

I hope my daughter likes her Shopkins advent calendar. I’m pretty sure she will. After all, it’s filled with Shopkins!

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