Top 10 Halloween costumes for trick-or-treating in crappy Chicago weather

A guest post by Helaine Krysik

Ah, Halloween in Chicago. We just never know what kind of weather we’re going to get, do we? It could be 75 and sunny, with mild breezes going into Halloween night, then turn raw, windy, and nasty, with rain flying sideways. In that case, if you’re like me, you’re tired of trying to stretch the superhero themed costume over your kids’s parka, having to forego the matching headband/sparkly gloves/glittery leggings in favor of a knit cap, mittens, and heavy pants. Instead of all that, here are some Chicago weather friendly costume ideas for your trick or treater, better suited to Chicago Halloween elements:

kid in a lumber jack costume
Photo by Tanalee Youngblood on Unsplash

1. Lumberjack – this one is a no brainer. Heavy fall coat, cap with earflaps, boots, work gloves. Done!

2. Ghost – let’s go old school with this one. Get the oldest, most worn out sheet in your house, cut some eye holes and a mouth/breathing hole, and throw it over your kid on your way out of the house. Doesn’t matter how many layers your kid has on beneath this costume. The sheet will provide extra protection from all that rain and wind.


3. Extreme skier – this one is made for when that rain and wind actually turns to straight up sleet, or snow. Get your kid a ski mask and some cool gear from The North Face. Your kid will be good to go for hours.

4. Polar bear – this one has a caveat… You’ll need to make your peace with your kid wearing the white outdoor winter gear that you’ll need to purchase for this costume, all season long. Yeah, let’s see how long that white will last.

5. Construction worker – now this is as low maintenance as it gets. All your kid needs is the orange vest to go over his/her coat, and a yellow or red plastic helmet to wear over the hat. If you really want to accessorize, have your kid can carry a “slow” sign!

6. Antarctic explorer – ok, so this one might be a little over the top for Halloween in Chicago… But then again, it might not. If it’s not, all your kid needs is a coat with a furry hood, and goggles or reflective sunglasses. And a Siberian Husky in tow.

7. Crossing guard – Dress your kid in the crossing guard’s signature yellow rain slicker, carrying a “stop” sign. The ability to yell at bad drivers and jaywalkers is an added plus.

Photo byt thelesleyshow via Morguefile
Photo by thelesleyshow on Morguefile

8. Firefighter – another good old school option. That firefighter’s hat will protect your kid from anything!

9. A tree – bordering on the silly, this one has some merit. If your kid is wearing all brown outerwear, all you need to do is tape a bunch of leaves to your kid’s sleeves and hat. And if the night is really wet and windy, with leaves flying around? The beauty of this costume is that those leaves will get plastered to your kid’s head!

10. Chicago Cubs MLB player – hey, it is October, isn’t it?*

Cold Chicago Cubs

Now of course, with this being Chicago, your kid will be all set to trick or treat in the elements in one of these awesome costumes… and the weather will change for the better again. So, use these ideas at your own risk. Happy Halloween!

*EDITOR’S NOTE: Helaine wrote this post in August.

About Helaine Krysik: I’m a mompreneur living and working in Chicago for over 20 years, as well as a CPS parent, music business survivor, Cubs fan, and a small business expert. I can be reached through my blog at Adventures of a Mom Entrpreneur. Thanks for reading!

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