Unhinged: A haunted theatre experience

A haunted theatre event is happening just in time for Halloween, and I’m proud to say it includes a piece based on one of my Halloween short stories. Unhinged is an immersive entertainment experience presented by Cup-A-Jo Productions in partnership with the Pittsburgh Fringe Festival. The Unhinged team combines the talents of conventional theatre artists and experienced haunt builders and performers.

Is Unhinged a haunt? Is it theatre? You’ll just have to see.

This is the inaugural instance of what Cup-A-Jo hopes will be an annual Halloween event, including an ongoing horror contest. (Winning this year’s horror contest is how my piece got included in the show.)

The show runs three performances per night (at 8 PM, 9:30 PM, and 11 PM) on Friday and Saturday nights from October 13th through the 28th plus three more shows on Tuesday, October 31st (Halloween!). All performances are at Blue Hazel Studios, 13 Freeport Street, Pittsburgh, Pa. Advance tickets are highly recommended and can be purchased here. Additional information is available on the Cup-A-Jo Productions Facebook Page.

If you are in or near Pittsburgh this October, I hope you will check out Unhinged!

And if you aren’t afraid of SPOILERS for the show, read my story that has been adapted for the production: The Scariest Halloween Maze in the World.

Unhinged promo pic
Promo photo for Unhinged

For the month of October, Listing Beyond Forty is Listing Toward Halloween, featuring posts related to or inspired by Halloween.

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