You are invited to an online Halloween Party!

It’s almost that time again! It’s almost October, which means it’s time for pumpkins, costumes, trick-or-treat candy, spooky stories, and Listing Toward Halloween! Yes, for the fifth year I will be transforming this blog into a virtual Halloween party. A bunch of friends have provided spooky and Halloween-themed personal stories, costume ideas, short fiction, and poems. I’m excited to share them with you! As your hostess I, of course, have a few things of my own to add too!

Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown Halloween Party

You can also celebrate the Halloween season with me on my usual Twitter and Facebook sites. I share a variety of Halloween and non-Halloween content on those accounts, but if you crave all Halloween all the time, you can follow my special Halloween Twitter and Facebook sites: @halloween4all and Halloween Queen.

Are you excited? I’m excited!

Well, if you can’t wait until next week, you can  get in the mood by browsing the Listing Toward Halloween archives here.

Oh, and if you you don’t like Halloween? I won’t hold that against you. Just come back in November, and everything will be back to normal. (Well, as normal as this site ever is.)

As for the rest of you, I look forward to sharing the Halloween season with you.

halloween skeletons

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