A spoiler-free list of all the times the Wonder Woman movie made me cry

Um, have you seen the Wonder Woman movie? I saw it last night, and it was as awesome as I had heard. The movie brought tears to my eyes, sometimes out of sadness but usually due to pure elation. I want to share that experience, but I realize that not everyone has seen the movie, which is why I’m sharing 30 fairly spoiler-free moments from the Wonder Woman movie that made me cry.

  1. Young Diana being awesome
  2. Young Diana making me think of my daughter
  3. Robin Wright being awesome
  4. Teenage Diana being awesome
  5. Gal Gadot’s Diana being awesome
  6. Amazons being awesome
  7. That sad part
  8. Diana being awesome
  9. Diana being awesome
  10. Diana being awesome
  11. Whoa! The church tower!
  12. Diana being awesome
  13. Diana being awesome
  14. Diana being awesome
  15. Steve’s speech
  16. Diana being awesome
  17. Diana being awesome
  18. Diana being an incredible badass
  19. When Steve gives her that thing
  20. Diana being awesome
  21. Steve being awesome
  23. Holy shit, Diana!
  24. Fuck yeah, Diana!
  25. Everyone being awesome
  26. Strangers kissing
  27. The sweet part
  28. Diana being awesome
  29. Thinking of getting to show this movie to my daughter
  30. Wonder Woman being awesome

Have you seen the Wonder Woman movie yet?

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