Summer hasn’t officially started, but I already feel it slipping away

Summer doesn’t officially start until June 30. Supposedly. That’s the solstice sure, but the feeling of summer starts on Memorial Day weekend, particularly if the weather is cooperating as it largely has been in Chicago lately. By that measure we are a week and a half in to summer, and I already feel like I’m wasting it. My kids aren’t even out of school yet, but I worry that I’m letting summer slip away.

This past weekend was a lovely one. Very summery weatherwise. On Saturday, I took my son to Hak4kidz. It was a lot of fun, but it meant we were inside almost all day. We made up for that a bit by going out to dinner at a restaurant where we could eat outside (despite my daughter’s protests that she’d be cold).

On Sunday, we didn’t have any plans. It was a warm (almost hot) summery day. A day when we could do something amazing. But we didn’t. We frittered the morning away at home. We walked to get some lunch thinking we’d go to a playground by the lake afterword, but the walking and the heat made everyone tired and grumpy by the time we got there. Instead, we left quickly. We stopped by a drugstore on the way home and bought a cheap slip n slide. When we got home we set it up in the backyard and let the kids run and slide in the cool water. Not a completely wasted summer afternoon sure, but still…

“We should have gone to the beach,” my husband said to me as we were leaving the playground. Yes. That would have been wonderful, but at that point by the time we got home, got the beach stuff together, found a parking spot, and set up a beach spot, it would be almost time to turn around and head home for dinner. The day had been a missed beach opportunity. The summer hasn’t officially begun, but I already felt like we were wasting it.

Last September I wrote “Another summer of not going to the beach enough.” In that post I lamented letting the summer slip away without many beach trips. We had fun last summer, sure, but I love the beach! I should go more!

I want to do better this year. The summer isn’t over yet. It hasn’t even officially started. There is plenty of time. There are 26 weekend days between now and Labor Day. So many opportunities for summer fun (at the beach and otherwise).

Let’s do this, people. It’s summer (kind of/soon). Let’s enjoy it.


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