My Sunday best and my best Sunday

My Sunday best is not a nice dress and heels. That’s my weekday best. My Sunday best is what I can wear on my best Sundays, which are lazy.

My Sunday best is leggings and a tshirt dress.

My Sunday best is soft jeans and a cozy sweater.

My Sunday best has little make up and and messy hair. My Sunday best is not accessorized. 

To be clear, my Sunday best is not slovenly. I have tried to fill my wardrobe with casual items that are stylish enough to keep me from looking like a slob even on my laziest days. Mostly I succeed. Or not. It doesn’t matter much.

My Sunday best pairs well with coffee, coffee, and coffee (and sometimes a mimosa or two).

My Sunday best has time for reading the newspaper and writing.

My Sunday best is slow. The best Sunday feels suspended in time as though Monday will never come. (As opposed to the worst Sundays that make me long for Monday morning. Yes, that happens sometimes.)

My Sunday best is recognizable on my calendar by not having anything marked on my calendar that day. There are no obligations. Only time. That’s the best.

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