Would you be the elevator rider or the door operator in my game?

Yesterday after getting some coffee in the cafeteria I found myself in a mildly comical scene with a stranger who also works in my building. There was an elevator at the far end of the elevator bank that was going up, where we both needed to go. It had beeped. The green up arrow was illuminated. The doors were open, but by the time we got there the doors closed right in front of us. Almost immediately though there was another beep behind us. Another up elevator was waiting at the opposite end of the elevator bank. The stranger and I rushed back, me trying not to spill my coffee, in order to make it to that elevator before the doors closed.

Once securely on an elevator, my partner-in-scurrying noted that he didn’t expect catching the elevator to be so challenging. I said it felt like we were in some sort of video game. He said he’d play that game, but we arrived at his floor and he got off the elevator before I could ask him the key question:

If there were a game where people had to rush, Frogger-like, trying to reach an open elevator before the doors closed while facing other challenges like trying not to spill coffee or slip or accidentally get on the down elevator–if there were such a game–who would you want to be: the frazzled elevator rider or the hand of god opening and closing the doors?

I relate to the poor elevator riders and would probably enjoy trying to navigate them quickly to an open elevator, but some days, I’m sure, I’d want to be the elevator operator to see how many helpless dawdlers I could crush!!!

So, who would you want to be? The elevator rider or the elevator operator? More importantly, who is going to help me build this app?

elevator doors closing

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