Donald Trump makes it hard to write about my ass

Because I devote my October blog posts to Halloween, anything else I think about writing during that time gets tabled until November, but since Donald Trump won the U.S. presidential election (Electoral College only, but sadly that’s what counts) most of my existing blog post ideas seem inappropriately frivolous compared to the impending threats to civil rights expected from the incoming administration. I feel like I should use this platform to write about significant issues not unimportant things like my own ass! Yes, “An Ode to My Own Ass” was actually one of the items on my list of blog post ideas.

Granted, the idea of writing about my own ass came to me on a day when I was feeling unusually feisty and confident. There is no guarantee that I would ever have the guts to actually publish such a thing, but that doesn’t matter anymore. There is too much serious stuff going on for anyone to care whether I like my own ass. (Probably no one would have cared even if there weren’t serious stuff going on, but that’s not the point!)

Besides, even if I were to publish a post about my ass I’d worry that someone would use my words about my own body to dismiss the offensiveness of the President-Elect’s many inappropriate remarks about women. (For the record, the use of the word “pussy” is not what made that one particular Trump quote repulsive. If he had said, “grab her by the lady bits” or some other delicate euphemism the pulled quote would be less shocking, but sentiment would remain horrible.)

No, I should not be writing about my own ass when the United States of America is facing a Trump administration that will not only tolerate but institutionalize racism, misogyny, religious discrimination, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, censorship, mass surveillance, jingoism, kleptocracy, and probably a few other deplorable (yes, Hillary, that is the right word) sentiments that I am forgetting at the moment. But if I want to write about something meaningful where do I even start with a list like that?

I will keep writing. I know I will write something; I’m just not sure what it will be. It probably won’t, however, be something about my ass (even thoug it is fabulous).

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