New information but no answers in my identity theft case

Between having my identity stolen and that pesky heart condition I’m having quite a year. I wrote about getting answers regarding the latter. Recently I got more information about the former, but sadly that information doesn’t provide any answers.

The detective in Bloomington, Indiana who investigated my case said that he talked to several stores and was able to obtain surveillance video of a woman who was involved. Unfortunately, the video was of poor quality and she was wearing large, dark sunglasses. (Apparently, my identity was stolen by a cliche.)

Several of the stores in Terre Haute said that they have recently been having problems with individuals from the Chicago area coming down and opening in-store credit using Illinois ID cards with other people’s information on them. (It’s a crime ring?)

Since the suspects are assumed to be from out of state and because there is not good quality surveillance video the detective told me that there is nothing else he can do at this time.

Well, that was unsatisfying. Sadly, life isn’t like the crime dramas I used to watch on TV. No one is going to “enhance” the video then compare it to a secret facial recognition database in order to hunt down the criminals. I will never know who did this or how my information was stolen. I will just have to continue on, keeping a watchful eye on my credit report and hoping this doesn’t happen again. But it will happen to again. To someone. I just hope it doesn’t happen to me again. I’ve had my turn.

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