20 super short love stories

In an effort to fight my writer’s ennui I decided to play with one of my favorite writing exercises: forced brevity. Previously, I’ve written lists of very short scary stories and very short silly stories. This time I tried my hand at being romantic. Here are 20 super short love stories:

  1. When he arrived at her door unexpectedly, the first thing he said was, “I shouldn’t have come.” Her kiss told him he was wrong. He should have come years ago.
  2. When the joke ended, the room was painfully silent except for a snortle from a blonde near the back of the room. In that moment he realized that what he wanted more than a future in comedy was a future with her.
  3. The poem was beautiful. She imagined what it would be like to have someone love her enough to write a poem like that about her. What she didn’t realize until much later is that someone already had and she had just read it.
  4. He never told her he loved her. He made her coffee in the morning. He brought her tissues when she sniffled. He bought her flowers when she was sad. He made her favorite dinner every Tuesday, and tucked her in when she fell asleep reading. But he never told her he loved her.
  5. “Mom, why does this song make you cry?” “It reminds me of someone.” “Someone who made you sad?” “No. Someone who made me very, very happy.”
  6. Her hand was not as pretty as it had been. It was wrinkled and blotchy. Still, when he held it in his own wrinkled hand it felt the same as always.
  7. At last they kissed. Although they both had desperately wanted to all evening, when it finally happened it was not so much out of boldness but, rather, because neither of them could think of anything else to say.
  8. I had dreams. I had my life all planned out, but I did not plan for this. I did not plan for you. I’m abandoning everything I thought I wanted, but your love has taught me I wasn’t dreaming big enough.
  9. After he was gone she no longer thought about the imperfections of their imperfect life together. She remembered being happy together, and that was enough.
  10. “I never thought you liked me,” she gasped between kisses. “No,” he said, ” I like you very much.” So they kept on kissing.
  11. The two men held the paper tightly as if it could disappear at any moment.  They barely believed that after so many years together they were finally married. Really married. They kissed again as the boy clapped joyfully.
  12. He let her go because it was what she wanted. She didn’t realize until too late that was exactly why she should have stayed.
  13. He made an off-hand remark about wishing they lived in a time when people wrote love letters and kept them in boxes. “But we do,” she said, and she showed them the boxes where she kept printed copies of every sweet email he ever sent her.
  14. They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder, but for them it was proximity. At first they barely liked each other, but after years of working side-by-side their emerging fondness for one another became too strong to ignore.
  15. He never thought she was beautiful. He thought she was smart. He thought she was funny. He thought she was kinder than he deserved, but he never thought she was beautiful. He knew she was beautiful. Even as a blind man he could see that.
  16. She dreamed of a love so great it surrounded her with constant warmth and transformed her into stronger and more beautiful woman than she was without it. When she awoke and felt her wife’s body snuggled up next to her she knew it wasn’t just a dream.
  17. She continued to mourn him, but she was not the only one who mourned. So did the men who came later and found they could never compete with the dead man who still held her heart.
  18. For years they had missed each other. Not missed meaning “felt the absence of” but missed meaning “were totally oblivious to.” It took being in the same place over 64 times before they fell in “love at first sight,” but at least they did.
  19. He looked better than she remembered, and she had remembered him often. She always wondered what would have happened if she had told him how she felt about him. Well, tonight she intended to find out. (She would be pleased with the result.)
  20. “If this were a movie we’d probably kiss now.” “Too bad this isn’t a movie, huh?” “Yep.” He took her hand as they walked and laughed. And although they did not have their movie kiss at that moment, they would have many to come as they headed toward a happy ending that no movie could match.

Can you do better? Leave your very short love story in the comments below.


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