October 11: An Evening Walk

The October Diary is a work of fiction originally released serially during October 2015. The complete list of posts can be found here.

October 11th

I went for a walk tonight. I wanted to get out the house. I needed to do something. Anything. So I went for a walk.

Neighborhood houses are starting to be decorated for Halloween. They are covered in fake spiderwebs. Dying lawns are dotted with styrofoam tombstones. Ghosts and monsters peek from under porches and behind trees.

Then I saw a monster I knew.

His mirror eyes reflected the red-orange light from the setting sun. The collar of his black coat was up to his pointed chin making everything but his face nearly invisible in the fading light.

He didn’t come near me. He just smiled at me from across the street like a demonic Cheshire Cat or a ghoulish jack-o-lantern. I’ve always hated that saw-toothed smile.

I’m keeping every light in the house on tonight, so that a shadow won’t remind me of him.

What happens next? Read the next part of the story here.

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