Listing Toward Halloween presents The October Diary

I’ve converted my blog to Listing Toward Halloween for the past two Octobers. I’ve featured guest posts and self-written pieces about or inspired by many aspects of Halloween. Publishing Halloween posts is fun, but I wanted to do something different. This year Listing Toward Halloween presents The October Diary, an original fiction story that will be serialized in 31 posts published one-a-day throughout October.

In The October Diary, Annie discovers a mystery in the journal entries her mother wrote the month before she died. The  fictional journal entries will be published one per day on their corresponding October dates so that you can experience the events of the story in close to real time.

I hope that you will read and enjoy the The October Diary. If, however, the idea of serialized fiction or of this specific story does not appeal to you I hope you will forgive me the indulgence and return in November for my usual variety of posts.

“Will you still be doing other Halloween posts this October?”

I have one Halloween post to publish before the fiction series starts, and it’s possible that I may feel compelled to write another Halloween post during the month. In general though, no, I will not be publishing Halloween posts other than The October Diary. I don’t have the energy to run two blog series at the same time.

“But where will I get my fix of Halloween stuff?”

Well, The October Diary is related to Halloween, but for more conventional things like costume ideas and party tips you can start by reviewing the Listing Toward Halloween archives. You can also follow my Halloween-focused social media accounts @halloween4all on Twitter or Halloween Queen on Facebook where I share more Halloween content than on my usual accounts. 

I’m excited to share The October Diary. I hope you’re excited, or at least curious, to read it. All the parts of the story will be collected on The October Diary page, but the best way to make sure you don’t miss any updates is to subscribe to email notifications using the form below.

To get notified of new posts, type your email address in the box and click the “create subscription” button. My list is completely spam free, and you can opt out at any time.

You can also find Kim Z. Dale on TwitterFacebook, and Google+ .

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