The Haunted Dollhouse, a favorite creepy book from my childhood

The Haunted Dollhouse is a book from my childhood that has survived multiple (usually move-inspired) book purges. I still have it even though the pages are falling out of the binding. The copyright says 1982. I’m not sure if that’s exactly the year my parents gave me this book, but it wouldn’t have been long after that.

The Haunted Dollhouse

Terry Berger and David Berger are credited with writing the story of The Haunted Dollhouse. (V.C. Andrews wrote the introduction.) The story is spooky but unremarkable. The story is not why I have held onto this book for thirty years.

The Haunted Dollhouse is a picture book. I love it now, as I always did, because of the photographs by Karen Coshof.

The photographs are spooky and strange and a bit melodramatic.

The Haunted Dollhouse - hand in a mousetrap
Note the hand in the mousetrap near the wood pile.
The Haunted Dollhouse - statue and armadillo
I blame this book for my mild obsession with armadillos.
Haunted Dollhouse bench
This picture freaked me out the most when I was young. What is next to the bench?!

I would recommend The Haunted Dollhouse book for All Hallow’s Read except that it is out of print and copies sell on Amazon for around $60. I guess it’s a good thing I kept the book all these years. It’s valuable!

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