10 Pinterest pins for Halloween outfits if you don’t want to wear a costume

You may like Halloween but not want to or not be able to wear a Halloween costume. Perhaps you work somewhere where a costume would be inappropriate or impractical. Maybe you’d rather leaving Halloween costumes to the kids, but you still like to be a little festive. Whatever the reason if you want to show some Halloween spirit even though you aren’t wearing a costume here are 10 Pinterest pins for Halloween outfits that are not costumes. Wearing a bit of Halloween fashion is great way to acknowledge the holiday even without a costume. For more ideas follow my Halloween Fashion board on Pinterest.

1. Wear black with orange

2. Wear a normal outfit, but put a Halloween accessory in your hair.

3. Wear a basic dress or skirt with some Halloween tights or leggings.

4. Wear some spooky jewelry.

5. Or go with some Halloween jewelry that isn’t so spooky.

6. A Halloween scarf also works well.

7. For something a little bolder, find a normal article of clothing that uses a Halloween print fabric.

8. For a casual look, get a cool Halloween t-shirt.

9. Try some Halloween nail art.

10. If you are feeling really daring, wear your normal clothes with a wild wig.
When anyone asks about it say, “What wig?”


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