Quick and easy Halloween costumes for adults

If you are looking for quick and easy Halloween costumes for adults that don’t require sewing or shopping for hard-to-find items I have a lot of simple Halloween costume ideas for you. I say these are quick and easy Halloween costumes for adults, but a number of these costume ideas would be appropriate for kids as well.

Start with my list of 40 quick, easy, and cheap Halloween costumes. Then check out 12 more quick, easy, and cheap Halloween costume ideas.

If those aren’t enough here are 8 more DIY Halloween costume ideas that are particularly good if you need a last minute Halloween costume. Between the two posts linked above and this one that’s 60 quick and easy Halloween costumes! You have no excuse to show up without a costume.

Celebrity Sex Tape – Cut out pictures of one or more celebrities. Use magazines or print them from Internet. Write “Sex” on pieces of masking tape. Use the “sex” tape to attach the celebrity pictures to your clothes.

[Unbelievable Thing] Caught on Tape – This is similar to the Celebrity Sex Tape costume, but instead of pictures of celebrities cut out pictures of Big Foot, The Loch Ness Monster, Ghosts, or other unbelievable things. Catch them on tape by taping them to your clothes. You can combine the two costumes and make a Loch Ness Monster Sex Tape, if you’d like.

The [Insert Sponsor Name Here] Accessory Wall from Project Runway – Although the sponsor changes every season, Project Runway designers always have an accessory wall from which they can choose shoes, purses, jewelry, and other accessories with which they can accessorize their designs. Be the accessory wall by wearing all white (or another solid neutral color) and attach as many shoes, purses, necklaces and other accessories to yourself as you can. Have Tim Gunn follow you around and tell people to use you “thoughtfully.”

A Losing Look from a Project Runway Unconventional Challenge – At least once per season Project Runway does an unconventional challenge in which designers need to come up with looks using materials from places other than a fabric store. Past challenges have included using things from the grocery store, a toy store, a candy store, and automotive accessories. If you had the time and talent you could sew a good example of these, but for a quick and easy Halloween costume you will probably on be able to manage a “less successful” look. Use tape, staples, and pins to piece together an outfit entirely from food wrappers, things in your garage, or whatever challenge you come up for yourself.

Bat Glasses – Martha Stewart has a template you can use to turn your dark glasses into a bat. If you have black paper, black sunglasses, scissors, and tape you can put this bat costume together easily.


Spider Web Cape These instructions for a no-sew spider web cape are pretty easy. If you don’t have time to buy fabric you can use a large garbage bag cut open at the seams.

Bart Simpson’s Chalkboard – Go as the chalkboard from the opening sequence of The Simpsons. On a plain t-shirt write “I will get a better costume” (or a similar message). Write it over and over until the bell rings.

The “I Dare You to Make Fun of this Costume” Costume – If you are a parent or have nearby nieces or nephews or have friends with kids, ask a child to put together a costume for you. It will likely be ridiculous and inexplicable, but only someone truly heartless will mock you after they learned where the costume came from.

Here are more resources for Halloween costume ideas, although many of these take more effort than the costumes above:

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