The body remembers

The body remembers. It may be stiffer than before and weaker, but the body remembers.

At first, she wasn’t sure her body would remember. She assumed she would do something that was similar to the old routine but not the same. Her brain didn’t remember the choreography, but when she started to dance her body remembered.

The body remembers - dancerHer body remembered the days when she thought this is what she would do forever. Before the realities of bills then marriage then kids brought her along a different path.

Her kicks weren’t as high as they had once been, but they were higher than she thought they would be. Her turns were unsteady at first but quickly improved. Her leaps grew higher with each rehearsal. Her body remembered!

When her dance was over the audience applauded. The audience applauded just as they had for the accountant trying stand up comedy for the first time and the woman from the third floor who sang the song she normally does for Friday night karaoke. The applause was the same, but she knew her performance was different.

She cried when it was over. She didn’t cry out of sadness for what she had given up so many years ago. She cried with joy for what she rediscovered.

The body remembers.

*    *    *    *    *

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