Die Spy: We hack dead people’s computers, so you don’t have to

Has a family member recently died leaving you with more stuff than answers? Die Spy can help! Our teams can find out everything you want to know about your deceased loved one. You may find out so much you will wonder why you ever bothered to get to know the person when he or she was alive!

We have a service package to fit any budget:

Open Sesame

Do you want to make sure there aren’t any paperless bills to be paid or recurring payments that should be canceled? Perhaps you want to notify the deceased’s social media contacts of the death. With our most basic package a low level hacker will get you logged in to your loved one’s computer, tablet, and smart phone to help you find that person’s most used accounts.

Gone Fishing

If you want to learn even more about the person who died, either because you were not very close or you were close but suspected the person was hiding a horrible secret, this package is for you. A team of analysts will scour your loved one’s email archives, credit card transactions, and ecommerce shopping history looking for patterns and outliers. For an added fee we can acquire the records collected by data brokers and credit agencies. Anything from a list of favorite restaurants to extramarital affairs have been revealed to clients selecting this option.

Digital Autopsy

Maybe your family member was famous and you want to dig up all the dirt to publish a tell-all biography. Great! We can provide senior hackers and computer forensics specialists to find every available piece of digital history including encrypted files and hidden accounts. You will receive a full list of your loved one’s online aliases including a download of every comment they have made on the Internet. Did the person once have a blog or social media account they deleted? Don’t worry. If you can find the cash, we can find the cache.

The Snowden

When you absolutely, positively have to know everything and money is no object, we do have contacts from whom we can acquire your dead family member’s NSA files. Proof of pre-arranged asylum in a non-extradition country is required in advance for this service.

Still don’t see what you want? Talk to us and we can customize the package that is right for you!

Die Spy. Digging up your loved ones byte by byte.

Die Spy: Digging up your loved ones byte by byte

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